How He Won 1.28 millions Jackpot Prizes While Having Dinner in the Restaurant

With the gradual advancements of technologies, online casino games are continuously on the verge of improvement. The graphics, the gameplay, the prizes along with Jackpot all have improved rapidly to attract a wide range of visitors towards it. The authorities of online casinos are also working harder every day to make the player enjoy their fullest by introducing more and more varieties of games for them. Games featuring a progressive round of jackpot amounts are the kings of the online casinos in Malaysia. if you are a regular in the online casino scene then you have probably heard or tried playing the Gladiator, Mega Mollah, and Major Millions of slot machines and also the Age of Gods Progressive Roulette. Mega Moolah has even registered its name in the Guinness World record for paying out a jackpot of €17,880,900 and the sums which are won every year continue to make the jaw drop.

Just recently, we met a very interesting person named Mr. Henry Chen. Now, why is he interesting? Well, he made his name to the news as he Won 1.28 million Jackpot Prize While Having Dinner in the Restaurant!! How amazing isn’t it? We asked him about the moment when we got to know about the announcement of him being the winner, how did he felt. He exclaimed that he thought that he is drunk too much that he is hearing something else, or maybe this is a joke which is being played by some of his close friends. But when he realized that it was actually the reality he was like on top of the cloud. He was glad as all his efforts of the years finally proved to be successful. But like all of you, we are also highly interested in knowing his story that how he achieved this massive feat. Many believe that just like playing the lottery, in case of an online casino, it also requires a huge turd of good luck to win life-changing amounts of money which is also true to some portions but Mr. Henry Chen says that there are also quite a few strategies which if followed thoroughly will boost your chances. These strategies include even the right and wrong times to participate in a bet!! Well, what are the tips to follow suggested by Mr.Chen? Keep reading to know more.

Only play when your budget permits you

For a progressive jackpot game, it is very much important for ensuring that your spins actually get qualified for a chance at winning the maximum prize. From each game to game, the requirement can vary, so it is very important to check the game’s set up or else thought to hit a winning combo on the screen, you will only get a fraction of the jackpot pool which is very much less like the cost of ice cream or a day at the gym. So you need to check the paytable and rules of the game to see how many coins and how much money per spin you will need to risk and then make your decision that if you want to have plays or handful or a whole session of jackpot gaming. It’s nothing worth in comparison to some of the progressive jackpot machines which let you win the entire jackpot with a smaller bet amount but the odds of winning it are very less favorable. In comparison to this, other games require you to wager with a full set of coins or a specific amount to be able to win the entire jackpot. The moment you would have found your favorite progressive games, you will be able to budget accordingly and plan when you are going to play and for how many spins.

Play only when the jackpot is huge.

For progressive jackpots, the prize money at stake is dependent on time and volume with the two combining to create unbelievable jackpot pools. Afterward, if the money builds and the size of the building jackpot keeps on growing to be ever larger, it starts receiving more and more spins as more people want the chance at landing that huge jackpot amount. In online casinos in Malaysia, this usually happens when the big hitters start playing the machines, also including some gambling syndicates. In reality, after a win when some progressive jackpots are reset, scoring the jackpot is still has the serious potential of making your day. But still, after that, it can also make a sense to keep track of different games jackpots and software houses for instance – Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt and play the games with the most advanced prize pools from every week.

Participate in games where the Jackpot Hasn’t Been Won for Ages

Gambling odd are of great interest. In written words, any qualifying bet of the same type can have the same chances of winning the jackpot, so if the odds of jackpot spin are a million to one, they will always be a million to one. However, the anomaly which lies is that as long the progressive jackpot is not won, the better are the chances of someone winning it. So if at any Online Casinos Malaysia, you can find roulette, progressive slot and keno machines which have not been won for weeks or even months, then you should try spending your time testing your luck with them as it could be worthy enough.

Don’t Gamble in a bad mood

The luck concept is very much controversial and always leads to a philosophical debate. But if serious slot players and poker professionals live by it, then it might just be worth listening to your intuition. It is actually wise to avoid gambling when you are in a bad mood as it can lead to you making bad decisions with slot machine staking. One tip for enjoying progressive slot machine gambling is to set a very wise and sensible weekly or monthly budget and stick o it. Like for instance that can be 100 spins a month on a certain machine or genre of games you love playing. To gaming volume winning is never related and not related, playing at a certain time or knowing when a certain game is suitable to play or not is always of advantage. So keep following these steps thoroughly and you can definitely be the net jackpot winner.